Italian Cooking
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Discover your passion

Learn the art of traditional Italian pasta & sauce making, and develop
sensational menus for all of your special occasions.

Anna Rosa opens her heart, her home and her recipe books to share
traditional Italian cooking techniques, so you can create classic favourites.

Join a class with Anna Rosa

Friends and family are all welcome to learn together in Anna Rosa’s traditional Italian Cooking Classes. If you would like to organise a large group to do a class together please contact Rosa to organise a session.

See the upcoming classes below. If there is a specific recipe or class you would like, contact Anna Rosa to discuss.

Come along to Anna Rosa’s kitchen and enjoy a fun learning experience that will set you up to prepare traditional Italian food at home.

Italian Cooking Classes

Become a master of Italian cuisine with Rosa’s authentic Italian cooking classes. Whether you want to learn how to create beautiful pillows of gnocchi, deliciously crispy crostoli or decadent tiramisu, there’s something for everyone. We welcome all levels of experience in the kitchen.

School Holiday Cooking Class

Don’t know how to spend this coming School Holiday with your Children? Looking for a unique Pasta-making experience? Get ready to have your hands-on with a fun Italian cooking class with Rosa, to learn how to make Fettuccine Pasta, Gnocchi, or even a delicious Homemade Pizza.

Children in the kitchen? When they’re armed with some of the basic techniques to turn recipes into real food, cooking with Children becomes less stressful. Rosa’s Children’s cooking class is focused on having fun in the kitchen and cultivating an enjoyment of cooking.


Italian Dessert

Get a great opportunity to learn how to make the most popular Italian Dessert with Rosa.

Cannoli with ricotta, pizzicati biscuits, cantucci.

An Authetic Experience

Anna Rosa’s cookery courses are hands-on, focusing on mastering techniques for kneading, cutting pasta and gnocchi, creating desserts and much more.
Traditional Italian
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