Sourdough Pagnotta (Bread)


Nothing smells better than freshly baked bread. Rosa’s Dough-crusted and deliciously dense Sourdough bread “pagnotta” is made using her italian sourdough starter, lievito madre, that is a natural yeast, usually made from soft wheat.

Rosa’s Sourdough Pagnotta is available in 4 different flavors:

Plain (800gr);

with Mix Fruits (900gr);

with Cheese (Provolone cheese, Chilli Pecorino)(900gr);

with Kalamata Olives (900gr).



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Storage Instruction:

Keep it in an airtight container for up to 3 days.

Can be frozen.

Please note: all orders must be in by Sunday at midnight to be processed for the following week.

For every 80$ spent you will receive 1kg of  Delicious Rosa’s Napoli Sauce.  Don’t miss out. 



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Cheese, Fruit, Olives, Plain